This Is How Dangerous Mosquitoes Are

Many of you may have ignored this previously. Because what is a mosquito bite, after all. If you did not notice the mosquito on your arm before, you are left with nothing but a light scratch. You may well wake up the next morning with a rather nasty bump on your arm. It is pinkish in color and the affected area is inflamed. Usually it goes away after a few days. But in actual fact, this is where alarm bells should already have been ringing. Because it has happened before. You could have been hit with malaria.

But no, you are not about to be quarantined or lose your life. Fortunately, most public and private hospitals have a vaccine treatment for malaria. And it is usual for the patient to recover within days of the treatment. But in case you have not noticed, no one, and we mean, absolutely no one has a vaccine or cure for that virus. Yes, folks, we’re talking about the novel corona virus otherwise known as COVID-19. How it came to be called novel is questionable. Nevertheless, you might be wandering what this has to do with mosquitoes.

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Plenty much, actually. Ask mosquito control services smyrna company representatives. If they are experts in their trade as registered and licensed practitioners, they should be able to tell you that the mosquito and that virus share a long history. It may not have happened this time round but it has happened in the past. Mosquitoes have been found, years later after examining fossilised specimens, to have carried the virus. Strictly speaking, they may not have spread the virus but they were infected.

Just like humans. While humans wear masks, they should also make sure that their clothing is at least protective as well.